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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  December 22, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hi. i'm matt mccoy. how long have you had your car insurance? i ask because i had mine for over 20 years before i switched and saved hundreds with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. i was with my previous insurance for 30 years.
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people 50 and over could save hundreds of dollars when they switch. i had done a lot of comparison shopping. the rate was like half of what i was paying. [ female announcer ] $420 is the average amount drivers save when they switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. you know, it makes me wonder why everyone 50 and over hasn't switched. [ female announcer ] 4 out of 5 aarp members who switched to the hartford from companies like allstate, state farm, and geico all get a lower rate with the hartford. so, call... or go to for your free quote. if you're not already an aarp member, the hartford can help you join in minutes. let me tell you what else the hartford does. they promise not to drop you, even if you're in an accident. it's called lifetime renewability and it's included with your policy. it's a great feeling to know that they're not going to drop you for that reason.
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the hartford has a benefit called recovercare. this will help cover the cost of having someone do your grocery shopping, your house cleaning, lawn care, even walk your dog. [ leslie ] they were there when we got the insurance and they were there when we needed it. and we really appreciate that. [ female announcer ] save $420 on average, get lifetime renewability and recovercare. call the hartford at... now to request your free quote. that's... or go to today. get this free calculator
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want to apprehend? [ radio ] no, we'll pick up surveillance. i had this old cadillac. [ sandy ] oh, my god, there they are. look. come on. hey, hey, hey. where you gals goin' off to? panansky! bobby, this way! busier than the last few years. that's great thing to be able to see some ew! he told management months ago... but hasn't seen anything change. kristopher yutes, home burned 22:54:26-2:
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all you need is a photo i.d. and then give you a boarding pass and get you signed up. save you a couple bucks. there is a lot of great other specials with it. >> if you don't sign up for the boarding pass what, is the cost? >> 24.99. it's still a really great price for all the food that you'll get to enjoy with your it makes us pastors feel like we are doing something. youan use the card for other things. again, you >> christmas eve it starts at what time? >> 4:00 p.m. for dinner. >> and what will you and your family celebrate? >> actually i had a day off yesterday that we took advantage of having a day off together. it was a great day. >> good for you. are other casinos involved? >> all the station casinos have their own special holiday menu. green valley and red rock resort will share the same price and same menu, while the station brand has a little different menu and pricing for everybody. >> got you. i forgot to ask you about your
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can you tell us about that log? >> yes. that's our holiday yule log. our bake shop put a lot of work into decorating that. it's nice chocolate flavor for this one here and we'll have a couple others as well. >> i love your bread pudding. do you still offer that? >> absolutely. it's great. >> i could just eat that all day long. thank you so much, merry christmas to you and your family. >> to you, too. >> let station casinos take care of your christmas dinner this year and save yourself from doing all those dishes. the feast buffet at red rock serves dinner beginning at 4:00 p.m. on christmas eve and will be all day on christmas. for more information, call the number or visit the web site right there on your screen. still to come on the "morning blend," get ready for a fantastic good time. comedian is live with us a little later. you are watching the "morning
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shaking up your beauty and fashion picks to job interviews and dating again. our next guest helps empower those 50-plus to have it all in the new year. author and award winning journalist lois joy johnson offers great tips in her new book "the woman's wake-up." she joins us now with more. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you help women 50-plus feel confident and impowered. do you feel that many have lost that feeling? >> you know what? we're the biggest, most affluent
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think we have more confidence now than ever and we're on social media. we're on facebook. we're on instagram. we're on linkedin. so we're connecting, we're networking. i think we feel more empowered than ever. >> that's fantastic. let's talk about some of the ways women over 40 can stand out from the rest of the crowd and feel good about themselves. >> there is three tips that i tell everybody, basic tips. the first thing is you have to sleep because sleep is when we regenerate ourselves, regenerate, rejuvenate. and it's when the body really gets a chance to repair. so if you're worried about wrinkles and you're worried about brown spots and fine lines, the best thing you can do is apply a retinal nighttime
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i wrote retinal correction deep wrinkle serum every night. it's why i don't have fine lines or wrinkles. i promise you that's really true. and i was a big sunbather. i used to go to the beach every weekend and i loved the sun and i was paying for it. i think a lot of women over 50 are worried that they sun damaged their skin when they were younger. so the first thing you can do, and all the dermatologists i interviewed for my book agree -- is use a retinal product. second thing, sun screen, every single day, even when it's rainy, cloudy, cold outside because u.v. rays penetrate. even when you're driving in your car, your hands need sun screen. the last thing i tell women is don't be afraid of make-up. everybody is so afraid that they're going to do it wrong or get it wrong.
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it can enhance your features. it makes you look radiant. it makes you look awake. and technology has been really great. a lot of the colors now are so skin tone true and authentic that it's really hard to make a mistake. >> let's talk -- >> do you agree? >> i totally agree. you love playing with make-up as a kid. just because you get older doesn't mean you don't love it as well. you just don't know how to apply it as you said or worried it's creasing in the wrong spots. but there definitely are brands out there that work for your skin type and you have to go and find that, right? >> i think that there is something for everyone, whether you shop high or low, drugstore or luxury brands. i think women like to do that. i think they like to mix it up in beauty as well as in fashion. >> yeah. and i have roc's lip cream. it's so moist and feels so yummy on your lips. let's talk about some other
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from your book. >> well, you can see that i'm wearing red, so i would say wear color. a lot of women wear black because they think they look thin. but when you wear color, you get compliments. >> right. >> and it energizes you. it energizes your looks. i also tell women to wear dresses. now that we're going back to work and we're competing with younger women as well as our peers and we're working longer than ever, dresses are a really great solution, lifestyle solution any time of year. >> thank you for all your timms. we so appreciate it. >> you're welcome. you can buy my book at and roc skin care at walgreen's. >> reinvent your face with her tips.
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screen. are you on facebook or twitter? like or follow us. you can find the biggest "morning blend" on both.
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tt2w`t3n@24" bt@qc., tt2w`t3n@24" "a@qs"h tt2w`t3n@24" bm@qx)d tt4w`t3n@24"" dztq k6$ tt4w`t3n@24"" entq ;2d tt4w`t3n@24"" gzt& "5< tt4w`t3n@24"" hnt& 2;p tt4w`t3n@24"" iztq xr( tt4w`t3n@24"" jntq j"h tt4w`t3n@24"" lzt& ro4 you the holidays can be tough for your figure. this morning discover a noninvasive way to shrink down fat cells to help you lose those unwanted inches. laser liposuction causes no pain, no down time and no side effects. here to explain medical assistant lindsey kay from laser med solutions. good morning. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> can you tell us about laser liposuction and what laser body o contouring is?
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just a form of noninvasive laser liposuction in which we are shrinking down that fat cell in a completely natural process and as a result, the patient is going to shrink down with it. >> how does the process actually work? >> so it does work by using a noninvasive laser and what this laser is actually doing is it's creating multiple holes or pores in the fat cell so the fat cell can collapse and shrink down. what's contained in the fat cell is triglycerides and fatty acids and that's processed through the system naturally. so it's the same effect as if someone were actually working out or dieting and losing weight. when we're losing weight, we're shrinking down our fat cell and this laser starts that natural process for you. the fat is processed through the limp fattic system, so it goes through your bloodstream. your system is able to flush it all out as waste. >> would would be a good candidate for this? >> this is the nice part about this type of procedure is there
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limitations as far as who we can accept as a candidate. male or female north texas matter your age, size. you could have a lot ofless health issues and be on medications and you'll still be a candidate for this type of procedure, which is nice. >> what parts of the body can you treat or you've done? >> we can basically treat any part of the body, including the neck. we can treat the arms. we can treat that stubborn belly fat which a lot of patients are really interested in that area. we can treat the thighs even. so it doesn't really matter. whatever part that you're lock to go target and shrink down in that area, we can specifically target that area for you. >> so you can do the neck as well? >> we can. a lot of time with age or when we've gained any type of weight, it goes everywhere. you don't get to choose where the weight goes. so we can really target any area you're looking to treat with this. the nice part, as well as not only shrinking down the fat cell in that area, is an added
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in the area and it also helps the reduction of cellulite. >> we just saw a lady in a picture there with her, she was on her belly basically. so you just lie there? >> you do. you lay there. the treatment is from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the target area that you want to specifically target. but with this the treatment is relaxing. like i was saying, it's noninvasive and the main point with that is that it is completely noninvasive. so there is no pain and there is no side effects involved with this. it's not going to affect your health in any way. >> you can book the appointment which lasts how long? >> with it you can book the appointment, it lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the area you're treating. and the treatment itself is very relaxing. like i was saying, there is no pain. so you do lay on a spa bed. we give you a blanket. we play spa music in the background. so it's nice and relaxing for the patient. this is something that you can come in and do on your lunch break if you need to do. >> so because there is no down time, you could go and book it and go right back to work.
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it doesn't affect your daily life at all, which is nice. >> what results are people seeing? >> what we're seeing with this type of procedure is we are seeing anywhere from five to ten inches gone in that target area that we're treating. the nice part is that we do have an inch guarantee in place so that if you don't lose a certain amount of inches, we do extra sessions for that patient at no cost. everybody's body is different. you'll never know from someone's age or size how fast their system is actually going to flush the fat through the system, so we have that in place for our patients. >> you also offer something called body vibration. what exactly is that? >> so of course with this type of treatment, you don't necessarily have to exercise or change up your nutrition. that's the main reason people love doing this. we have a lot of patients that come in that have injury or certain health conditions like copd where you can not exercise anymore and that's why they put
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vibration after their session. so after you finished your laser body contouring, you just stand on a vibration machine. what this does is it speeds up your limb fattic system. this is for people who can't exercise. >> where are you located? >> 777 north rainbow boulevard and we're suite 200. so our cross street is washington and rainbow. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thanks so much for having me. >> now, laser med solutions is offering a special today only. get eight sessions of laser body contouring for 40% off. be sure to mention the "morning blend." for more on their services and how to achieve those dream results, go to or call the number listed. before we go to break, a special shout out to by design. last week their ceo and his team provided a special meal to a
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they enjoyed filet minyon, mashed and sweet potatoes and much more. they provide for teens when are
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we'll be right back. in our hot in hollywood report this morning, for years audiences have been left jumping in fear with the paranormal activity movie franchise. but do spirits and demons really exist? the latest chapter, "the ghost dimension" is available now on digital hg. here with all the details, real life world renowned paranormal investigator, christopher chacon. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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investigating paranormal cases and activity? >> probably going on about 30 years now. >> how did you get interested in it in the first place? >> it was not intentional, definitely not. i was basically paying my way through college as a magician illusionist and some people who were experiencing a haunting, they basically being left up all night, they approached me and asked if i could try to figure out what was causing it. one thing led to another. they had told other people and pretty soon i began to get other cases of hauntings and close encounters and psychic phenomenon. that went on for a while. then i ended up partnering with a parapsychologist and embracing the parapsychological method. we took on hundreds of cases for a while. after that i was recruited bay scientific think tank and trained as an anomalies. we basically traveled around the world taking on thousands of cases with state of the art
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to assess what these phenomenon were. i've been doing this for about 30 years. now i do it as a private consultant when i'm brought in with some situation which is -- just can't be explained or out of their hands. for example, if it's an exorcism taking place and phenomenon is happening in an environment and they want an assessment for some type of phenomenon happening in the environment and a government agency wants me to come in to give them my input. i basically consult now independently. >> so you're the expert that they call in. now, paranormal activity, ghost dimension is the latest installment in the film series. can you tell us about this and your involvement? >> with the actual creation of the film, i had actually no involvement whatsoever. i know the producer and the director of the original and ever since the original paramount has brought me on board because i deal with real
11:22 am
and it's an interesting thing. if you take any of the films, let's take this particular film, the ghost dimension, and you look at each individual event that happens in the story, i have been either encountered or have been either reported someone who's had real phenomenon like that someplace in the world. so while the cluster of phenomena all together is extremely rare and it's put that way as a dramatic story telling element by the producers and writer, the phenomena does have some basis around the world. people are having that kind of experience. i think it's a great element being able to -- now that you have the opportunity to download it into your home, and it's one thing to see it in the theater because all the paranormal activity films, they give that you cinema tale, almost like you're eavesdropping on someone's home movie. it lowers your defensive. when phenomena happens, you get
11:23 am
now at home, if you're fans of the genre and the paranormal activity story or not, it's a great set-up to really get into the story and make it more scarier. >> yeah. there are a lot of fans of this series. do you think this is the last chapter for the movie? >> that's a good question. you know, i've been told that -- it's for the most part, it's supposed to be the last chapter. i suppose anything is possible with the story telling mode of it. i know that this one gives the full circle from the first one and all the other ones in between to take you on. certainly if you're a fan of the genre, you want to see them all. or if you've only see the first one, this hooks it for you. but it is -- there's a huge fan base around the world. it's a great story telling vehicle whether you believe in the phenomenon or not. it takes you on a fun trip. either way, who knows? there might be more.
11:24 am
thank you so much for your time this morning. >> my pleasure. >> paranormal ghost dimension is available now on digital hd. the blu-ray combo pack arrives january 12. for a preview, check out the web site on your screen. right now callers 13 and 14 win one copy of paranormal activity, the ghost dimension. a perfect stocking stuffer gift. our number is on the screen. paramount pictures provided the prizes for this give away. have a smart phone? just in time for the holidays our friends at action news invite you to download their new app. it's very simple to use and features a powerful blazing fast radar. get the new action news app free
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we'll be right back. get your youthful glow back without any down time. cutting edge technology is helping you look amazing in just an hour no matter your age. here with the details is deshani fitch, owner, founder, ceo and cosmetic laser specialist at my tight face. also with us, director of marketing, steve fitch. good morning to both of you and welcome. >> good morning. >> let's talk about some of the procedures that you offer and the first one is e prime. what exactly is e prime? >> e prime is a really amazing treatment, dao, because what it does is it goes into the skin. we're able to precisely target the heat.
11:26 am
needles that go in and immediately produces tightening. the biggest benefit is it produces immediate ironic acid, which is what women go to get fillers in that ironic acid. when this produces it instantsly and naturally with the body's own collagen, that's when it's just amazing right after the procedure, we can see all these wrinkles reducing and lifting and fading away. and the skin tightening. >> is this good for someone who has more mature skin? >> actually the best candidates for this would be womenver 60. but anybody over the age of 35 can do this to prevent. preventive measures. >> we're looking at before and afterment she looks incredible. >> i know. even the eyes open up. >> yes. now, you have something else called insta lift. what is that? >> it's a device that uses ultrasound to tighten and firm
11:27 am
it's really a good treatment for women between 30 to 55 or 60 just depending on how your skin is falling over the jaws and how much tightening you need. >> and we do have a before and after picture of instalift as well that we want to show people. can you describe what we're looking at? >> that is exactly the tightening that goes on. with instalift. you may need two treatments. one may not give you the results you're looking for. but one to two is all you will need in a year. >> now, i've heard a lot about clear and brilliant. what is that? >> clear and brilliant is a laser treatment that goes on the face. it gives you a lot of benefit. it eradicates brown spots, age spots, liver spots, acne scars, pockmark scars, any type of scarring. it peels off the top layer of the skin and it gets your skin
11:28 am
you end up having this amazing skin with no brown spots or age spots or any discoloration or anything like that. and you your fine lines disappear, too. >> do you need a few treatments for this procedure? >> maybe one in three months and maybe another one because it's a way of preventing getting old. again, we can't stop the aging process, but we can sure prevent it and take as long as we can to reverse the signs of aging. noninvasively. >> exactly. now, you can also add wrinkle reduction to any tightening treatment. what exactly is that? >> wrinkle reduction comes in many forms with us. we have very mild to moderate and moderate to severe wrinkle reduction that we do on the cheeks and the forehead and eyes. we also have a very unusual laser device called the matrix, which we can work around the lip area for anybody that is suffering from deep wrinkles,
11:29 am
anything like that. that's the only laser that can work above the face between the nose and the mouth. most lasers are too big to go around this area and around the corners and around the bottom part. this is a perfect procedure to get done to regenerate your own body of collagen. >> a lot of women complain about their neck and they want something done without going into surgery. is there anything there? >> absolutely. we love to do neck treatments because a lot of people suffer from it. men suffer from it. ladies suffer from it. we do shapes instalift. you name it, we have so many devices to give you that result. >> you have some signature treatments. what are they? >> the signature treatment i think is the oxygen facial, which is really good for anybody that is tired. it peps up the skin. stem cell therapy, which is a lot of product that we use on the face through infusion.
11:30 am
with a micro determine abrasion. and facial, a glowing treatment that we do during this time of the year so that your winter skin disappears and you have healthy-looking skin. >> and you really are up on all the technology. it's incredible. >> we try to be because there are so many wonderful noninvasive aesthetic equipment that's out on the market. >> what are your holiday hours? >> monday to friday, 10 to 5. and on saturday, 10 to 3. >> steve, we can do gift certificates, too, for people who want to present this to someone under the tree perhaps? >> yeah. i've seen her grow in this business from one machine, this small little 140 square foot facility to over 30-plus machines of the latest technology. she's got the best. guys, you know how difficult it is to give a gift for your wife or girlfriend. you get the wrong color, the wrong size. give a gift certificate of youth. what better gift can you give your significant other than a gift certificate to one of these treatments?
11:31 am
denomination that you want in a gift certificate. so make your wife or girlfriend happy. get a gift certificate. >> we don't want to vacuum or blender. >> right. exactly. who doesn't want youth? >> your hours again? >> monday to friday 10 to 5 and saturday 10 to 3. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. call now to learn about my tight face's specials for e prime,stalift and clear and brilliant. the numbered on the screen. they're located on west is sahara in the lakes business park. to learn more about the specials or book an appointment, their information is listed. they have financing and also offer free consultations. do you know someone who true hee makes a difference in the community? you can recognize them with our give back award. head to click on give back. one lucky person will receive $500 for the great work they do
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they're a proud sponsor of this
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we'll be right back if you can't take a joke, las vegas, then had show may not be for you. lisa lampanelli is known as the queen of mean and never holds back. she has participated in multiple celebrity roasts performs as part of the comedy series at the venetian on saturday. motley crue, performing for more than 30 years, is on its final tour and making a stop in vegas. it's titled all bad things must come to an end. the band rocks the mgm grand garden arena on sunday night. this is the second leg of the final tour. the band's final performances will take place on new year's eve weekend in los angeles.
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band's special opening act. big bad voodoo daddy who hit it big in the late 1990s is just as popular as ever. the band's christmas shows are popular. they play christmas music, exclusively for the last two months of each year, and this year they will be performing december 29 and 30 in the orleans show room. to see the whole list of 13 things to do in las vegas this week, head to we'll have a link with a list on the home page. with your 13 things to do, i'm dao vu. you knew that. 13 things to do this week brought to you by our friends at south point. for more information, including upcoming events, head to south point and speaking of south point, get ready to laugh. you've seen our next guest on the small screen and big screen. now comedian returns to the stage at the south point this saturday night. here with all the details, funny man himself. how are you?
11:35 am
my hairdo is the same, but i gained weight since that photo. >> is it weird to see yourself? >> it's weird to see myself in shape during the holidays when i've been eating buffalo wings. thing. >> don't tell me about it. i have my buffet already to go all the time. i like your hair. is it a lot of work? >> it's kind of bieberish, some lgbt thing going on. >> are you enjoying vegas? >> i love it. i feel like i'm coming home. i lived here a year a while back. every time i come, i feel at home. >> why don't you get a condo or something, make a permanent? >> i'm working on it. now i'm going to move a south vietnamese family. two bedroom. 28 asian. >> we'll do the whole interview in vietnamese, so nobody will understand what we're talking about. >> people who just turned to the channel are like what, is happening?
11:36 am
channel? >> when did you start to get into comedy? >> about 19 years ago when i was not doing well in school. >> that's a shocker. you didn't do well in math and science? >> i failed algebra, science. >> you're not asian. >> seriously. i kept my weight training class twice. i got nowhere. i think i got a bunch of w's on my college transcript. >> so you turned to comedy as a crutch or just something you were good at? >> i turned to comedy as a last resort. i was like hey, if i don't make it in this -- >> what did your parents think about that? >> what you join dao on tv right now? vegas. somebody said something recently like, you got to find your own vegas. i found it at whole foods. i don't drink. i'm the worst asian. i don't gamble. i don't drink. i don't do drugs. i don't smoke. >> what's wrong with you? >> i don't know. whole foods getting food that's gluten free and then i'm a south point -- it's great.
11:37 am
to asian i have. >> i love the south point. i do. have you done the buffet there? have you done the bingo there? >> i was at the buffet last night. i watched "star wars" there. it's my new home. they put me in this huge suite and my whole family, we just stay there for christmas. >> all 28 of you? >> yeah, all 28 of us. >> you did the "star wars" thing. >> i have a good one and i have an evil version. that's the evil one. that's my head shot. that's my shameless head shot with a light saber. that is why i'm single right now, is that photo. >> we'll work on that for you. did you enjoy the movie? >> i loved it. i hate to bring this up again, but there is tons of asians on there. more than i've ever seen in most "star wars." it makes me very happy. i like to see asians in the future. now there is asians in space. it's great. >> they're everywhere. >> they're flying f wings. they're making food. it's fantastic. i love it. >> what does your mom think
11:38 am
>> i don't think she's still fully comprehend what is i'm doing because -- you tell joke? you tell joke? you date white girl? you watch "star wars"? like she doesn't understand what's happening. >> but is she supportive? >> i hope so. i think she's happy that i'm bringing home a paycheck. she's not sure how that works, but you know asian, the proof is in the pudding. >> oh, yeah. your mom will always be in your life and head meddling. >> now she sees us on the international channel promoting boba. >> my favorite dessert. >> you do the show today and i was like, it smells like vietnamese. >> that is not my fault, okay? >> i saw you, it conted racist when i said it. it smells delicious. >> there was pork in the building. let me tell you, i ate a lot of it. >> we bring the south point buffet to dao here. >> and i'm very happy with that. it's all good. when people see you, do you change up your routine? >> i started music about four
11:39 am
i play guitar and all that stuff. i'm going backwards. i go from being an open miker to winning last comic standing to now a guitar comic. eventually i'll do magic. that's my goal. >> really? >> but i have a couple of songs. one is an asian christmas song. >> how does that go? is it like festivus for the rest of us? >> it's called i hate christmas. which is not true. but it's about my family arguing all the time. let's move furniture around. >> you play the guitar? >> yes. >> did you teach yourself? >> i had some coaches. i self-taught a little bit and kind of winging it. we'll see how it works in front of a packed crowd. >> is your new year's resolution to get a date? >> my new year's resolution is try to get a date with a "star wars" light saber in front of me. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming out. so fun talking to you again. >> yeah.
11:40 am
there is 28 of us waiting at the south point suite. >> don't miss him when he hits the south point stage this saturday at 7:30 p.m tickets start at just 15 bucks. to buy them, visit the southpoint box office. go to the web site on your screen. or call the number listed. remember to check out you'll find past interviews including dash, facebook and recipes and twitter links.
11:41 am
despite the buzz of online shopping, the majority of shoppers make their purchases in a store. that's because consumers like the social experience and convenience of getting their shopping done at one place.
11:42 am
ceo of the international council of shopping centers, tom mcgee. good morning to you, tom. >> good morning. thanks for having me on this morning. >> our pleasure. why are physical retail stores such a draw for shoppers this time of the year? >> it really does come down to experience. we expect this holiday season first and foremost to be record in sales volume. americans will make 600 million visits to a shopping center over the course of the month of december and as we enter into the super saturday weekend, which is the busiest holiday shopping weekend of the year, about 150 million american also complete their holiday shopping about 50% of us still need to complete our holiday shopping. so the shopping centers will be very, very crowded and very, very active this weekend and they're really looking, american consumers are looking to obviously complete shopping and
11:43 am
but also experience. dining, entertainment, service providers. shopping centers have really become a wonderful destination and really essential part of a community, both an economic standpoint if for sure, but also social aspect. >> what are some of the shopping trends you're seeing for the holidays? >> yeah. i think the first and most important thing to recognize -- there has been obviously a lot of press around the growth of online retail, which is a convenient headline. i think the biggest trend and the biggest thing is people are recognize something the convergence happening in the industry. online clearly has an important role, but as you said, the vast majority of sales, 93% of them, happen within a physical retail location. still people use online to do research before they go and make a purchase in a store. 65% of folks actually do
11:44 am
going to buy when they get to a store. but the other thing that i think happens and really speaks to convergence is folks buying things on line come and pick it up in a store. we had a third of those folks that made an online purchase came and picked it up in the store because they love the convenience of physical retail locations. they want that immediate ability to pick up that product. and then when they're there, 75% of them buy something else when they're in a physical store. so to me, that really speaks to the level of convergence that's happening in the industry and i think the narrative needs to change from bricks versus clicks to what's happening throughout american society, an integration of technology into all types of industries and shopping is no different at all. the shopping center, the physical store is really experience. >> i think people still like to touch things and feel it and try things on when it comes to
11:45 am
sometimes you can't tell that online. >> yeah, sure you can't tell that online and i think it's all the aspects of experiential shopping, things that you're talking about, touching things, seeing them in a very tangible way. there is also that -- we should never lose sight of this, people are social and they like to be around other people. and shopping center is really a convener of people and that whole social aspect that is so important to who we are as people, happens so effectively within a shopping center. and of course, the holiday time particularly, people like to be around other folks to experience the holidays and see the decoration, to hear the music, visit santa, to see the tree. all those type of things that i think they happen so well and effectively in a shopping center. i think it's that as well and we should never lose sight of that important element of who we are, which is the need to be social.
11:46 am
and obviously as you're growing up, kids love to go to the mall, love to hang out with their friends at the mall. i don't think you'll ever be able to take that away from them at all. thank you so much for great information. go ahead. >> yeah. thank you. i was just gonna say to that point, i have two teenage daughters who i'm privilege to do have and i'll tell you, they certainly love to shop and they visit their local mall and go and shop in force. you're absolutely right. as a matter of fact, our research would indicate that millenials generally visit the store much more often than any other age group. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> log off and head to the store for more on what was featured this morning. head to the web site right there on your screen. this will be also on our web site. today on the view, sharon stone and jeff hepner of agent x
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plus we'll talk to alexia on tomorrow's show. and that's today at 10 right after us. then today at 2 on valley view live, he sounds like he's got a full band. but he's just one guy. jeremy james is here to wow you. plus get ready to laugh with comedian tommy savage. tomorrow on the "morning blend," have a very terry christmas with the voice of entertainment, terry fader himself. join me, mike hammer and other in the celebrity go-cart race. details at 9. before we go, you saw the massive spread from station casinos earlier. well, we also wanted to show you this hazelnut soup that they brought in. it's so delicious. it will help keep you warm. christmas dinner is being served at red walk resort at 4:00 p.m. thursday and all day on friday. delicious. now, to get you into the christmas spirit, many performers have stopped by
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yuletide favorites. here is a recap. have a great day, everybody, we'll see you later. baby it's cold outside i'm lucky that you dropped in so nice and warm my sister will be suspicious my brother will be there at the door to love one another though we may not agree let me begin this christmas time with me remember the angel on that first christmas
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